Defining Your Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy pic
 Investment Philosophy pic
Investment Philosophy

Founded in 2009, Allegis Wealth Advisors offers advisory services through Allegis Investment Advisors. The company is committed to creating financial security for each of its clients. The financial professionals at Allegis Wealth Advisors believe that investment philosophy matters, and they work with clients to develop goals and measure their progress toward reaching them.

An Investment philosophy is a collection of guiding principles that shape and inform the decision-making process of investing. It’s not necessary for a sound investment philosophy to be elaborate. Many successful investors follow short and simple investment philosophies that express their core beliefs. Value investing, for example, describes an investment philosophy of searching for relatively inexpensive and/or undervalued investment opportunities with the belief that they’ll eventually provide strong returns. A growth investment philosophy supports the strategy of buying into companies with emerging services or products and, therefore, growth potential.

A sound investment philosophy allows investors to focus on their investment strategies and clearly assess where they are today in relation to their ultimate financial goals.


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