The Operation Underground Railroad Process

Operation Underground Railroad pic
  Operation Underground Railroad pic
Operation Underground Railroad

Since 2009, Allegis Wealth Advisors, also known as Allegis Investment Advisors, has utilized a long-term asset building strategy to the benefit of its clients. Beyond this, Allegis Wealth Advisors supports Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.), which brings together a talented team of former Special Ops, Navy SEALS, and CIA professionals to locate and eradicate child trafficking activities.

O.U.R.’s process begins with an examination of the intended rescue, during which time it will take into account how much local law enforcement wishes to cooperate while it creates a legal plan of extraction. The O.U.R. team then researches the location of the child trafficking ring and locates local organizations offering food and shelter, using this information to create am extraction strategy based on its team’s unique skillset.

With the plan in place, O.U.R. takes action, often posing as clients who wish to purchase children with the aim of catching child traffickers in the act. Working alongside law enforcement, O.U.R. executes its plan, ensuring the arrest of those involved in the trafficking ring and extracting the children involved to place them in pre-screened facilities that provide shelter and counseling. Afterward, O.U.R. follows the perpetrator’s case, ensuring child traffickers are arrested, tried, and convicted of their crimes.


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