Investment Philosophy Matters

Allegis Wealth Advisors

Allegis Wealth Advisors When you walk into an Allegis Wealth Advisors office you realize very quickly that we believe investment philosophy matters. It is the basis by which all investment related decisions are made within your broader financial plan. With a clear philosophy, you and your Allegis Wealth Advisor are able to set goals, measure progress, and work through market volatility. Rational decision making is paramount in market downturns. Remembering your investment philosophy can help you make wise decisions when you might otherwise be tempted to act emotionally.

The Allegis Investment Advisors Investment Philosophy

At Allegis, we arm our advisors and clients with best-of-breed, competitive, and strategically unique investment strategies.  While we believe that optimizing the overall ratio of equity and fixed income assets in a portfolio is the best starting point to managing risk, we go beyond the basic cookie cutter portfolios.  Because the type of stocks and bonds an investor owns can mean the difference between success and failure, we construct portfolios to utilize the most efficient ownership forms of each asset type according to the client’s risk preferences and needs.

The Allegis investment platform allows clients and advisors to:

    1. Understand and have confidence in the high-quality assets they own – even in times of market stress
    2. Add return to client portfolios through our fundamental / ‘bottoms-up’ investment process, and
    3. Keep costs as low as possible and optimize cash flow and tax-efficiency

We adhere to the time-tested philosophy that there are no short-cuts or gimmicks to wealth creation: great investing is the result of buying high quality assets at compelling prices.  We work tirelessly to build and manage such portfolios.


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